Aug 21, 2011
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Serviced apartments are an excellent temporary residence for the foreigner who is only in the country for a short time or the expatriate waiting for their household goods to be cleared from customs and for KITAS to be issued. Most of Indonesia’s serviced apartments have a wide mix of facilities that cater to the young and/or working professional. Gymnasiums, swimming pools, badminton courts, squash courts, spas, barbeque pits, parking lots and much more are readily available.

By choosing a serviced apartment situated near the workplace, such as in Jakarta, Surabaya and even Bali, expatriates will not only have amenities like shopping malls, shops, diners, markets and more, but a good chance of familiarising themselves to the neighbourhood.

Serviced apartments are a frugal investment as they cost less than a condominium apartment or a hotel room for extended stay but possess all the necessities and atmosphere one would expect from a home.
Renting property in Indonesia is as simple as finding a good real estate agent or independent broker. While the laws prevent foreigners and expats from owning homes outright, but there are many places like serviced apartments, condos and even houses that are for available for rent.

Expatriates need to approach these agents and brokers with the same trepidation as they would if buying a home. Always ensure that the brokers and agents are recommended by other expatriates who have been in the country longer.
Expatriates could potentially alleviate any issues by approaching Colliers International prior to entering Indonesia as they are a company that is reputable and trustworthy.

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