Five Expat-Friendly Residential Areas to stay in Bandung

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Five Expat-Friendly Residential Areas to stay in Bandung
RumahCom – Widely known as Parijs van Java, Bandung has a lot to offer for potential expat workers. Touted as a scholarly and creative city, a lot of technology startups, such as Bukalapak and Blibli, have an office in Bandung. Also dubbed as the city of flower, Bandung is home to various foreign language courses, schools, and universities, with a diverse background of students.
The pace of living in Bandung is not as stressful as Jakarta. While the traffic can get congested on weekends and peak hours, the cool overall climate will help you avoid burnout. The living costs are usually lower than Jakarta, but that is also dependent on your lifestyle. As a small metropolitan city, amenities like shopping malls and international schools can be reached faster, no matter which part of Bandung you choose to live in. However, Bandung has mediocre public transportation options, and it is highly recommended to rent or own a vehicle.
If you plan to move to Bandung, you must check out these five expat-friendly residential areas: Dago Atas, Ciumbuleuit, Setiabudhi, Surya Sumantri and Kota Baru Parahyangan.

1. Dago Atas

With a comfortable climate all year long, Dago Atas should be your top priority when choosing a house in Bandung. Dago Atas area includes Jalan Ir. H. Juanda and is accessible by private vehicles as well as public transportations such as angkot. It is also strategically located near many tourist destinations, such as Dago Pakar and Dago Dream Park. Dago Pakar is known for its breathtaking forest area that captivates your soul. Meanwhile, Dago Dream Park is a one-of-its-kind natural attraction. After a hard day’s work, heading out to these places is bound to be incredibly rejuvenating.
In terms of health and education facilities, the Santo Borromeus hospital and the Bina Bangsa International school are in close proximity. The Santo Borromeus Hospital is one of the leading hospitals in West Java, providing various services in accordance with ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System. Further, Bina Bangsa International school adapts to the Singapore and Cambridge curriculum as the basis to provide high-quality education for its elementary to senior high school students.
To rent a property in Dago Atas, you need to shell out Rp30-60 million per year.
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2. Ciumbuleuit

Ciumbuleuit is also preferred as an expat-friendly location because you can reach various places in Bandung easily. For example, the expat-friendly Setiabudhi Supermarket, Advent Hospital, and the Bandung Japanese School. The Setiabudhi Supermarket does not just sell goods from local brands, but also stocks brands and snacks from abroad.
The Advent Hospital is well-known as the American Hospital as many of its doctors are from the United States. Advent Hospital Bandung is also part of the Adventist Health System Asia (AHS/A) healthcare network.
Meanwhile, the Bandung Japanese School is an expatriate school, designed for children whose parents are working on diplomatic, business, or educational mission overseas and have plans to go back to Japan for good. Having these places near your residence may become your major consideration to choose living in Ciumbuleuit. Also, the view on the area is splendid as it is located up in North Bandung.
You will need to spend Rp35-60 million per year if you want to rent a house in Ciumbuleuit, or Rp5-10 million to rent a space in an apartment.
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3. Setiabudhi

When staying in Setiabudhi, you could access various expat-friendly amenities easily, such as the Setiabudhi Supermarket and the Yogya Junction that offers imported food and drink items. Setiabudi is also close to the Advent Hospital and the Bandung Japanese School. This area is more accessible via private and public transportation. Angkot and Damri bus service covers the Setiabudi and are available until 10 pm.
There is an abundance of campuses near Setiabudhi, and you are sure to find various rent options that would suit your preference.
For example, renting a house will cost you Rp40-80 million per year, while an apartment will cost you Rp40-70 million.
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4. Surya Sumantri

As an upscale neighborhood in Bandung, Surya Sumantri, or locally known as Pasteur, offers easy access to most parts of Bandung through private and public transportation options. The area is also surrounded by beautiful views, especially at night. Your shopping needs are covered by malls such as the Bandung Trade Center.
For education facilities, the Bandung Independent School (BIS) is the best choice for your children. It is a parent-run, non-profit school that has been providing progressive, international education. However, sometimes the traffic might be a little overwhelming, especially on weekends as the street is directly connected to the Cipularang toll road.
To rent an apartment in Pasteur, you will need to shell out Rp60-100 million per year.
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5. Kota Baru Parahyangan

Kota Baru Parahyangan is located in Padalarang, Bandung Regency, as opposed to all the options here which are located in Bandung city. However, access to Kota Baru Parahyangan is as easy as using a Damri bus or driving through the Cipularang toll road, which connects you to the main Bandung city.
The facility in the premise is also complete, with an Ikea that will open soon and an international school called Al-Azhar Syifa Budi. Ikea is popular for its wide range of high quality, sleek, and minimalistic furniture and home accessories, it is a pleasing place for expats to spend their time and gather around. The Al-Azhar Syifa Budi International School is available with an integrated curriculum, boosting this region’s reputation as a suitable place for expats to reside.
The Kota Baru Parahyangan is well-known for its complete infrastructure inside the housing complex, and it will be more interesting in the future as an Ikea store will be built there. To rent a furnished house in Kota Baru Parahyangan, you will need to cough up at least Rp100 million per year.
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In this article, we have covered all expat-friendly locations in the Bandung area, as well as the budgets required to rent a house or apartment in such areas. As always, we hope this will help you ease your anxiety about moving to a country you don’t know (and love) yet. See you in Bandung soon!
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