Where to Stay: Indonesian Homes

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Where to Stay: Indonesian Homes
Indonesia has a variety of homes that are available for rent or lease by expatriates who are either permanently relocating there or are only in the country for a few years.
Indonesia’s main cities like Jakarta and even Bali have a variety of housing types. There are serviced apartments/temporary housing that foreigners who are just getting into the country can live in while they wait for their companies to secure a more permanent accommodation.
Foreigners are able to procure leasehold apartments, flats, estates (suburban dwellings) and townhouses.
Foreigners are advised to take into consideration several things while choosing a home and a location.
Cities like Jakarta are extremely busy and as roads may get congested during peak periods, it would be best to seek out accommodation that is close to the work place or school if moving in with children.
While independent brokers come with a wealth of on the ground knowledge and information on properties in Indonesia, they are hired by landlords whom pay them a commission upon leasing off a property. Thus, expatriates and their respective companies need to be mindful as massive fluctuation in prices may vary from broker to broker.
Those seeking housing in Jakarta can peruse the Jakarta’s Shopper’s Guide. It is a collection of independent housing brokers that have been recommended by expatriates.
Colliers International is another alternative while seeking for corporate housing services. Their goal is to expressly serve the needs of the expatriates and their sponsoring companies and is committed to finding the best deal possible. Colliers International will take an entire inventory of the property such as repairs and upgrades according to the needs of the expatriate and his company.
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