The Smith SOHO

The Smith SOHO : Silicon Valley Experience
rentang harga jual
Rp 2,119944 M Rp 4,687326 M
The Smith SOHO
Alam Sutera, Jl. Jalur Sutera Timur, Tangerang, Banten

Tipe Unit

Tipe Luas Bangunan (Start From) Harga Mulai
Tipe A (Office) 134.15 Rp 4,034495 M
Tipe B (Office) 70.49 Rp 2,119944 M
Tipe C (Office) 173.78 Rp 5,383301 M
Tipe A (SOHO) 151.22 Rp 4,612925 M
Tipe B1 (SOHO) 70.61 Rp 2,153939 M
Tipe B2 (SOHO) 66.71 Rp 2,034895 M
Tipe B3 (SOHO) 108.41 Rp 3,307169 M
Tipe B4 (SOHO) 117.93 Rp 3,597336 M
Tipe C (SOHO) 136.83 Rp 4,173952 M
Tipe D (SOHO) 127.32 Rp 3,883784 M
Tipe E (SOHO) 153.66 Rp 4,687325999 M

Sarana & Prasarana

Fitur Utama


Fasilitas Sekitar

Fitur Utama

  • Office – Home of Start up Companies
  • Specially designed and crafted for start-up companies, The Smith offers the possibility of being productive even inside the limited space. The Smith welcomes entrepreneurs, law firms, architects, consultants, freelancers, financial services, etc.
  • SOHO – for those who need an overtime
  • Got over time? Worry no more! The mezzanine floor in your office room can be transformed into the master bedroom. With the 6 meters ceiling height, over time can be comfortable.
  • Residence – Living in the height of luxury
  • Luxury and elegance reflect through thousands of beautiful lamps with CBD panoramic view altogether with The Ultimate Luxurious Residence, designed by World-Class Architecture.


  • Auditorium
  • Ruang Acara
  • Ruang Rapat
  • Gaming room
  • Co-working space
  • Business lounge
  • Communal garden
  • Pool
  • Sun deck
  • Footpath
  • Seating areas
  • Pocket garden
  • Water lounge

Fasilitas Sekitar

  • Pet Kingdom
  • IKEA
  • Omni International Hospital
  • Mall @alam sutera
  • Living World
  • Mercure Hotel
  • St. Laurensia School
  • Binus University
  • Swiss German University
  • University Bunda Mulia
  • Sutera Loop
  • Bicycle & Jogging Track
  • Emergency Button
  • CCTV & Control Room


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Alam Sutera, Jl. Jalur Sutera Timur, Tangerang, Banten
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