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Am Sgt Rosine from Kentucky in the
United state but I am working with the US AIR FORCE in Afghanistan.I
want to talk with you privately through my official email because I
have a project to discuss with you and see if we can work together.my
email is (sgtrosinesmith22@gmail.com)you can send me an email now but i
will check later after work and reply you in details.take care bye. Baca Selengkapnya
Coba ibu kolsultasi ke bank BRI pusat di wilayah ibu,,,atau bank laenya,,bisanya pihak bank,,ada yg menlayani ,,dan coba ditanyakan saja ke pihak bank,,,ad yg melayani,,atau lebih tepatnya,,,lebih tau kemana harus melayani IMB,,, Baca Selengkapnya